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Discover Your Sacred Genius

Combining*Discover Your Sacred Gifts*AND *Discover Your Genius*


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8-Week Online Group Program 

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Part 1: Discover Your Sacred Gifts


Enlightened Performance Coach

Discover Your Sacred Gifts Certified Guide

​​​​Everyone wants to live a happier, more meaningful and on purpose life... The way to get there is by knowing your gifts and using them in a way that makes you feel on purpose.

Most assessment tools focus on personalities, abilities and skills. Though these are important aspects of self-discovery, they are superficial compared to the Discover Your Sacred Gifts program which focuses attention on your superhuman abilities or unique gifts that are often unseen, overlooked and under-utilized.  They reside in your soul and many people check their soul at the door when they go to work. 

Sacred Gifts are "power tools" you have within you that allow you to do ordinary things in extraordinary ways.

Once you discover what your Sacred Gifts are, you will be free to do what really makes you feel happy and fulfilled, you will no longer have to say YES when you mean NO.

How do you know what your gifts are?

In the first part of the group program, you will:

Part 2: Discover Your Genius


Genius Coach

Traditional & Quantum Human Design Specialist

Are you getting paid for your Genius?

You are here for a Purpose! If you want to express your Purpose through a new or existing business, then it's imperative that you leverage your Genius.

Your Genius is the unique combination of your innate gifts, talents, characteristics and superpowers. Learn how your Genius is connected to your Purpose, why it matters as the nature of work evolves, and how to discover your own Genius. 

Entrepreneurs who build their business using their Genius experience more joy, sustainability and growth, as they merge soul satisfaction and income success. 

Would you love to be recognized for your je-ne-sais-quoi that only you can do, the way you do it?

In the second part of the group program, you will:

PROGRAM ALSO INCLUDES:- Zoom Class Recordings for Replay 
- Private Facebook Group for Participants

- Bonus Course: 'How to Read Your Human Design Chart' ($147 value)
- Bonus Masterclass: 'Clarity on Your Core Values' ($147 value)


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Genius Coach

Human Design Specialist


Enlightened Performance Coach

Discover Your Sacred Gifts Certified Guide

Are you feeling called to do something greater?

To have a bigger impact?

To connect with what is inside of you?

This is the program for you.

What makes your Soul dance?  Do you even know?


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What is the 

How to Activate Your Life Purpose

Online Course?

Introducing an 'Owner's Manual' of Your Gifts and Talents
Discover the system designed to reveal your genetic Life Purpose, and how you are here to make it happen! Course Includes video training and PDF workbook.


Learn how YOU are designed to Activate Your Purpose
Have you wanted to figure out what work lights you up? This is the right place to start, without overwhelming you about Human Design.

Discover How You Operate a Soul Level
You are here to fulfill a Unique Purpose. What better way to do that than by making it your buiness or career, and get paid for what you came here to do?

"It helped put me on the path of feeling on purpose [and to figure] out what it is that I really want to do with my life. Learning what my gifts are opened me up to follow a different path than I thought I needed to follow, or was even possible for me to follow.

When I meet people that seem a little lost, or they hate their jobs, I mention the program and how it helped me. I tell them they need to speak to Natalie Uroda, my Sacred Gifts guide."

Peter Gosciola

“Marla is fantastic. Her understanding and passion for Human Design is contagious. 

I recommend working with Marla to help better understand how you operate.”

Life and Business Coach, Out-of-the-Box Thinker  (Toronto, ON)

Kristen Lake

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